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May 14, 2020

#21: Character traits of ADHD in the workplace | Co-host - Sherri Cannon

#21: Character traits of ADHD in the workplace | Co-host - Sherri Cannon
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**This is an audio recording of a recent Linked-in Video Post** This content is intended for HR and Team Leaders  When we work with business function leaders to build ADHD literacy, they often want to know how to actually recognize signs of real ADHD versus societal ADHD…so that they can respond with timely, effective strategies or questions.  In this clip, my colleague Sherri Cannon, PCC, and I will share a few facts that can help you better understand ADHD in the workplace.    Did you know  ⇨ Around 8% of the world population has ADHD and has had it since childhood – diagnosed or not.   ⇨ In fact, as we get better at diagnosing kids, more and more adults realize they’ve lived life with a brain they didn’t understand and couldn’t explain to others.   We all can agree that when it comes to inclusion of the mind each person is unique and therefore has a unique set of needs in order to feel engaged and valued in the organization.   Without strategic attention to the neurodiversity of their talent, an organization can easily become home to groupthink, petty internal politics and a sleep-inducing culture of apathy.   Neuroscience breakthroughs of just the past 20 years now enable us to separate fact from fiction and to wisely, compassionately optimize the unique workplace contributions of individuals with ADHD.  #adhd #diversityandinclusion  Connect with Sherri Cannon: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherricannon/  Connect with Cathy Rashidian: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathyrashidian/


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