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Nov. 27, 2020

#45: ADHD -Benefits of Yoga - mind, body connection | Guest Esther Nagle

#45: ADHD -Benefits of Yoga - mind, body connection | Guest Esther Nagle
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One of the most effective ways for ADHDers to manage their intense emotions is to pause and pay attention before reacting. Easier said than done, and this is a skill that does not come naturally. So how can we sharpen this skill? Yoga is one way to do this. Paying attention to our breath and creating movement in the body to get the energy flowing so that it's not bottled up in one place in our body.

In this episode, my guest Esther Nagle, Yoga Teacher, shares her own struggles with ADHD, Addiction, and how Yoga transformed her life and managing her ADHD.

She shares a few tips on how to get started, why it is so beneficial to slow down and pay attention to your breath, and how to manage overwhelm with breathwork. 

I hope you will be as inspired as I was by listening to her story and make small changes to get your body moving and manage your emotions by paying attention to your breath.

About Esther Nagle:

Esther Nagle is a sober, tattooed, single mother, rock chick Yoga teacher with ADHD. Sober for 6 years, and diagnosed with ADHD just last year at 46, Esther has had a ‘colorful’ life, spontaneous and adventurous even in sobriety.

Esther has written a book about her recovery and the Yoga that guided her there and now focuses her teaching and writing on helping women with ADHD calm the emotional storms and find inner peace. Using, you’ve guessed it, the same tools that helped her to achieve sobriety!

Esther loves her ADHD, even when it makes life challenging, and loves to share how Yoga helps her to manage the worst of her symptoms, and bring out the best that ADHD has to offer!

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