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May 21, 2020

#22: How to embrace Neurodiversity in the workplace | Guest: Margaux Joffe

#22: How to embrace Neurodiversity in the workplace | Guest: Margaux Joffe
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In this episode, my guest Margaux Joffe is sharing the journey of her ADHD diagnosis in her late twenties.   More importantly what she shares is how she went about creating awareness/acceptance of ADHD in her workplace and created a resource group within her organization for those with Neurodiverse Brain wiring.   Her story is beyond inspirational and a great example that once we embrace our unique brain wiring we can not only be a success but also create change to end the stigma of Neurodiversity.  About Margaux Joffe: She is an award-winning producer and accessibility professional using the power of media to positively impact society.  After her diagnosis of ADHD in her late twenties, she started to share what she had learned and founded kaleidoscopesociety.com a community to empower women with ADHD to not only better understand their diverse brain but also to lean on each other as a collective. Margaux is on a mission to end ADHD stigma and empower all minds.  In 2017, she expanded her impact to the workplace where she lead the creation of the first Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group at Yahoo and Verizon Media. In two years she scaled the group to a global network of support for employees in over 35 offices around the world.   www.margauxjoffe.com


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