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June 25, 2020

#25: Workarounds to manage ADHD in the workplace. Do they work?

#25: Workarounds to manage ADHD in the workplace. Do they work?
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In this episode my co-host Sherri Cannon and I talk about some of the common challenges professionals with ADHD can face in the workplace. they often want to know if they can be themselves – you know --bring their best work,  make their best contribution inside an organization. When they look for answers, they usually focus on masking, laboring in private, working in unorthodox yet highly effective ways for them, but they often do it out of sight for fear (from valid life experience) that they'll be viewed as…weird They focus on these lifelong “workarounds” much more than they do on proactively making their environment work for them. In the long run, this will turn to lead to overwhelm, burn-out, or even resigning without much notice. We address questions such as: Can you really accept your ADHD and be able to work to your best potential? We know the importance of being authentic but how do you do it in a way that comes from a place of strengths? You can connect with Sherri Cannon and learn more about her, visit: https://www.beyondthebellcurve.life/ Please don't forget to leave us a comment and also rate the show, I am always looking for ways to improve each episode.  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @proudlyadhd_coachcathy  hmfFJrWokixLAm40VMlC


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