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Aug. 3, 2020

#30: ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment | Guest: Dr. Rannie Tao

#30: ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment | Guest: Dr. Rannie Tao
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In this episode, I speak with my family physician Dr. R. Tao. W discuss ADHD diagnosis/assessment, especially in adults. I felt it was important that I bring her on my show to give a perspective from a Physician who has gone above and beyond to understand ADHD and be able to recognize the signs in her patients and empower them to manage their mental health.

we covered the following areas:

  • Stressors and symptoms
  • How anxiety or other mood disorders go hand in hand with ADHD and it is important to assess for ADHD
  • Dr. Tao mentions the ASRS - adult ADHD self-report scale. The ASRS touches on symptoms of hyperactivity and symptoms of impulsivity in inattention. “It's one of the easiest scales we can administer in the office setting. It doesn't take too much time. And I do often find if somebody does have ADHD, when they go over that scale, they say to me, Oh, this is exactly me.”
  • Women and ADHD and how often they are not diagnosed till adulthood.
  • ADHD treatments - she goes deep into her strategy on medication approach and also talks about the non-medication route, nutrition, coaching, counseling, and much more.
  • Risks of untreated ADHD, especially in children who were not diagnosed and later on will struggle in adulthood. She gives great examples here at @15:00min mark.
  • be sure to listen to the end as she has an inspiring message for those who are late in life diagnosed with ADHD.

About Dr. Rannie Tao:

Rannie received her Medical Degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada after completing an undergraduate degree specializing in Pharmacology. She then completed her Family Medicine Residency in Vancouver, with a special interest in mental health, chronic pain, and geriatric medicine. Rannie enjoys being a family doctor because she is able to journey alongside her patients and families, learning with them, while providing a continuity of care. Rannie views herself as a patient’s sidekick, providing education and guidance so that they become engaged and informed in caring for their own health over time.

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