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Dec. 18, 2019

#10: ADHD & Self Awareness of your own capabilities | Guest: @ADHDCoach_

#10: ADHD & Self Awareness of your own capabilities | Guest: @ADHDCoach_
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In this special episode my guest @ADHDCoach_ Talks about his journey with ADHD, he was an Elite Athlete for many years and now coaches elite athletes of the future. He taps into his creative side with modeling and acting.   In this episode, he talks about his challenges, how he has overcome them by trusting his intuition, towards the end of the talk he shares his message to all of us on how to lean into our ADHD brain, speak up for yourself and don't let anyone limit you.  You can follow him on Instagram @adhdcoach_ Coach Cathy on Instagram @proudlyadhd_coachcathy readysetchoose.com


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