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Jan. 31, 2020

#13: ADHD Coaches Panel sharing best tips and strategies

#13: ADHD Coaches Panel sharing best tips and strategies
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In this episode I took a different approach and hosted an ADHD Coaches Panel where we discussed: The reoccurring ADHD challenge that they see in their clients The one ADHD issue that they are working through now One useful tip that you can implement right away to manage your ADHD  In talking to both Brooke and Kristen you can hear their dedication, passion and most of all they speak from their heart.  They experience ADHD first hand and also continue to not only work on themselves but dedicate their time to helping others with the same issues.  If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear from Brooke and Kristen and other coaches pls leave a comment or email me directly at cathyrashidian@gmail.com  More info on my guests Kristen Carder is passionate about helping adults with ADHD reach their full potential. She recently transitioned out of the 6-figure company that she built so that she could coach adults with ADHD full time.     www.ihaveadhd.com  Also you can listen to her Podcast  "I Have ADHD" anywhere you find your podcasts. Subscribe to Coaching With Brooke's website to get your free ebook "13 Ways To Be More Productive" How to Focus By Focusing Your Time," and to sign up for her newsletters giving you weekly tips and updates on ADHD. Contact Brooke at Brooke@coachingwithbrooke.com or on her website https://www.coachingwithbrooke.com/ for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. You can also always reach me for free 60 minutes discovery call at https://calendly.com/cathyrashidian


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