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Sept. 1, 2020

#33 ADHD - How to stay on track when new shiny things come your way

#33 ADHD - How to stay on track when new shiny things come your way
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How do you manage to stay on track when the shinny new ideas/projects come knocking on your door?

I used to get in the trap of getting derailed often when I was in corporate life and sometimes it worked out and other time I was left with regret. I used to jump ship often until I learned about my brain and why I was doing this often.

I wanted to share my views and learning with you on this as I now see this in my clients that I coach and when they really dig deep and understand how to manage “jumping ship” or “oooh shiny new thing” it becomes a game-changer for their professional role or business.

Please know that I am not saying we should avoid shiny new things, there is a more strategic way to go about it, and also once you understand why your brain is craving it you can make a solid decision to either jump or step in with caution or avoid it altogether. Cause you are the master of your brain after all and you should be calling the shot not your brain or other people’s shiny new ideas/projects.


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