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Nov. 6, 2019

#5: Successfully Juggling multiple businesses with an ADHD Brain | Guest: Francesca Anastasi

#5: Successfully Juggling multiple businesses with an ADHD Brain | Guest: Francesca Anastasi
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In this episode, I had a candid conversation with Francesca about her late in life diagnosis of ADHD and her key to staying focused while managing multiple businesses and projects.  Since she is one busy lady I connected with her via zoom, so pls excuse any background sound that you hear. If I aimed for perfection for every episode I probably would not be doing these weekly.  So in advance, I thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode.  There are some golden nuggets that she shares on time management and staying focused.  Francesca Anastasi (aka Sabeya) is a business growth strategist, a savvy consultant, and a mentor. From homeless to CEO, Francesca shares the tools,  principles, and systems she applied as the founder and CEO of Confidance Institute Inc. which made the company successful against the odds,  generating multiple six-figure income in under three years   The creator, producer, and host of the Succeed Against the Odds show, she is dedicated to working with and inspiring, entrepreneurs of all ages, which has led to several nominations and awards.  Francesca offers business, personal development, and advancement training programs.  She is also the creator of the one-of-a-kind  Magnificent You women's conference.  She is also the visionary and founder of the annual, global charity event Shimmy Mob for which she received the 'Telling Our Story' Award.  https://www.francescaanastasi.com/  Instagram: @francesca_sabeya_anastasi  To help me improve my content, pls rate and comment on this episode, follow me on Instagram @proudlyadhd_coachcathy


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