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April 22, 2021

#65: How to give yourself grace and freedom after ADHD diagnosis | Guest Brian Fanzo

#65: How to give yourself grace and freedom after ADHD diagnosis | Guest Brian Fanzo
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Proudly ADHD at work and in business

In this episode, I wanted to introduce you to Brian Fanzo, who shares his journey of a late in life diagnosis. 

I was so inspired by his passion for life, family, and most importantly self-compassion as he moves through ADHD in adulthood. 

Key points:

  • Journey of ADHD diagnosis as an adult and his perspective and later how he is supporting his child’s diagnosis of ADHD.
  • Brian shares how he sees his ADHD as a superpower and feels loud and proud of his brain wiring.
  • Reflection on how he managed his corporate days while not realizing he had ADHD
  • He leaned into his strengths and successfully transitioned into Entrepreneurship
  • He explains why his zen place is playing Poker
  • Brian’s share his unique way of how he approaches productivity while managing multiple business initiatives
  • and so much more, be sure to listen to the entire episode. 

About Brian:

Brian Fanzo is a digital futurist keynote speaker who translates the trends of tomorrow to inspire change today. His customized and personalized programs showcase real-world stories and examples of forward-thinking people and businesses. He teaches companies of all sizes how to leverage technology in real time in order to engage their customers at the right time. Brian has a gift for bringing people together online and offline. He has worked in 76 countries, highlighting his passion for change, collaboration, and technology. At age 14, Brian won a speed typing contest and his love for computers and technology was born. After years of playing The Oregon Trail, creating in Adobe Pagemaker, and using Napster, Brian earned a Computer Science degree. Prior to speaking, he worked for nine years at the Department of Defense where he managed a global team who deployed collaboration and cybersecurity solutions across all branches of the military – which required him to maintain the highest civilian security clearance. He then pursued his dream job as a technology evangelist for a booming cloud-computing startup, helping companies embrace the rate of change and new ways to innovate. Brian is currently the Founder of iSocialFanz, which has helped launch digital and influencer strategies with the world’s most iconic brands like Dell, EMC, Adobe, IBM, UFC, Applebee’s, and SAP.

Brian has been recognized as a Top 20 Digital Transformation Influencer; a Top 50 Most-Mentioned User by CMOs on Twitter, and a Top 25 Social Business Leader of the Future by The Economist. His followers on social media and podcast downloads rank in the hundreds of thousands, resulting in Brian being an influencer for 19 of the Fortune 100 companies.

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