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Nov. 29, 2019

#8: How to overcome Boredom at work and in business

#8: How to overcome Boredom at work and in business
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Most of us with an ADHD Brain have a very hard time dealing with Boredom, especially at work and running a business.  Boredom can slow us down in doing bigger things or on the flip side it can lead to making impulsive decisions that impact the future of our career. Ie. Impulsive resignation cause you got bored from you current job.  Or starting a new business, cause the current one is Boring.  In this episode I talk about why it happens and how you can tackle boredom so that you can always be in a place of interest and motivation and see the fun and joy in your day to day life at work and in business. P.s. Sorry for the background noise on this episode. I really had the urge to record this podcast and I wasn't in my normal recording space.  Talk about being impulsive and wanting to get my thoughts out. :-) P.S.S. I refer to aligning to your values you can download a free worksheet at readysetchoose.com


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