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Dr Fiona Peters

Dr Fiona Peters Profile Photo

Author. Speaker. Trainer. Consultant.

Dr Peters is keen to raise awareness of ADHD after having a late adulthood diagnosis. She is a speaker and writer working with companies to support their Neurodivergent staff. She is the founder of ADHD Entrepreneurs Life, a community that inspires, educates and supports entrepreneurs with ADHD traits.

Palgrave Macmillan published her monograph titled 'Fostering Mixed Race Children’ which was shortlisted for a British Sociological Association prize. Her second non-fiction book proposal won a place in the inaugural HarperCollins Author Academy.

Dr. Peters has a PhD in Sociology from University of London. She had a research career at the BBC. Her speaking experience includes universities, companies and schools and she engages with topics in a relatable way and makes complex information accessible. She can empathise with your audience.

Here are a few of the topic areas that could benefit your audience. She also speaks about Race and Diversity.

1. Unleashing Hidden Talent - How Neurodiversity bring value to organisations
2. NOT all great minds think alike
3. ADHD - The Diagnosis that changed my life
4. Neurodiversity - Watch the talent
5. Neurodiversity - How it shows up at home and work