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Gretchen Nelson

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Perinatal/ADHD mental health therapist

We have IEP’s and disability services for school supports.
We have ADA workplace accommodations.
WHERE is our MOMMA ADHD support?

As a mental health therapist, I primarily come from an EMDR, attachment, and birth psychology lens. I consider myself an intuitive and highly sensitive-empathic clinician who values learning from other disciplines as well, such as: Speech, Occupational, Physical, Craniosacral therapy, Nutrition, the role of biological factors (sleep, hormones and immune systems and join pain).

My background
I received my BA from the College of St. Benedict in Peace Studies, looking at the intersection of Eastern and Western teachings on inner peace. Then, went on to get my Masters in Social Work at Augsburg University in 2005 with a concentration on family practice and become licensed as a clinical independent social worker (LICSW). Most of my professional career has been supporting parents and children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder and/or ADHD, Anxiety/Depression. I am certified in ADHD, perinatal mental health, and received advanced training in EMDR through the perinatal and infant mental health lens.
As an ADHDer (and Dyslexic) mom who also had a son with some birth-postpartum complications, I know how valuable it can be to find a therapist that truly understands firsthand some of the struggles we face during the transition into parenthood and/or well, any big life transition.
My business is launching the beginning of Sept. 2023 (website, social media sites etc.) and am hoping to get on some podcasts in the fall as a way to promote my business. My business provides Individual therapy specific to ADHD mommas (as well as birthing trauma, highly sensitive babies and mommas) but also a membership service for ADHD mommas geared towards support during pregnancy through early childhood.
Topic for your podcast could be related to returning to work after having a baby.