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Kaela Kranzler

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People often think of ADHD as only afflicting children, but its rate among adults makes it the second most common neuropsychiatric disorder after depression. Most of the 8 to 9 million adults who have it are undiagnosed and untreated.

I represent Morgan Hancock, commercial real estate agent and founder of the non-profit, Bourbon with Heart. As an Army veteran working through ADHD and teenage pregnancy, Morgan was not always given the same opportunities as others. She had to fight for what she wanted using her entrepreneurial spirit and therefore strives for others, no matter their struggles or differences, to be able to experience the arts.

Morgan created Bourbon with Heart as a way to leverage the influence and popularity of bourbon to raise funds, bring awareness, educate, provide better access and deliver a first-class arts experience to every person in Kentucky regardless of age, race, class, gender, or ability. 

What Morgan can share with your audience:
- How to develop an idea you have for a non-profit
- Her journey (and fight) to entrepreneurship
- How she built resiliency thru the challenges she has faced