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Pippa Simou

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Psychologist and Specialist ADHD Coach

My own ADHD journey began when my son was diagnosed with the condition. I was aware that I struggled with attention myself and could be quite impulsive, but I wasn’t convinced until I took a QbCheck, (Pre-Screening check) and was formally diagnosed with ADHD in 2017. My teenage daughter was then also subsequently diagnosed.
My professional background is in education with over 20 years of pastoral and academic experience in various secondary school settings. I left teaching in 2016 to allow myself more flexibility to support my children with their learning and from there started working with a local ADHD and Autism charity as a Trainer and Parental Coach.
I launched ADD-Vantage in 2020 offering coaching, training, and education to support girls and women to live well with ADHD.
In 2021 I graduated with distinction with a Masters in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.

The ADD-vantage works to support girls and women to live well with ADHD through awareness, advocacy, education, coaching and creating community.
We envisage a world where:
 everyone has a true understanding of the nature of ADHD, and how the female experience can be different from the ‘expected’ presentation
 where girls and women with ADHD receive the early targeted support they need to flourish, and where they access the same opportunities as their peers
 where girls and women with ADHD can embrace their strengths and qualities to thrive and grow into the best versions of themselves.

 ADHD – What is it, What Does it look like, What Can I do and Where can I go
 How to live well & flourish as a woman with ADHD
 The female experience of ADHD
 Education & girls with ADHD – Classroom top tips
 Parenting teenage girls with ADHD

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