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Robyn Buchanan

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I am Robyn Buchanan from the Minimalist Home youtube channel and my own Life & Focus Coaching.

A little about me: I am a mom, wife, nurse, youtube creator, and life & focus coach. I live on Vancouver Island where I love hiking and gardening. I started my journey to minimalism because I was overwhelmed coming home to a cluttered house after working in the emergency department.

I’ve got 3 teen boys and 2 have ADHD. My husband does too. Oh, and my mom!

After decluttering, I recognized how important a decluttered environment was to helping focus, creativity, productivity and happiness—especially after I started my businesses at home.

I have been promoting and helping people minimize and to create a supportive environment, systems and routines ever since!

I have been loving your podcast and the most recent about ADHD and trauma was not only eye opening, but really makes me think of some connections within my own family.

Talking Points:
I would love the opportunity to share with your audience about how to improve their focus, productivity and creativity through environmental design.

People and entrepreneurs with focus issues and ADHD suffer some unique challenges such as shame, disorganization, and distraction.
Quite often I refer to people with ADHD, but nearly everyone now needs help improving their focus. 

Another great point is people with focus issues, ADHD or other neurodivergencies need to recognize their importance in contributing to the business world.

Some amazing things so many include: creativity, the ability to hyperfocus, the very unique ways of looking at things, some can often see the future.

I also like to give one habit anyone listening can implement with ADHD or not with ADHD to improve focus

About my audience 
A lot of women and entrepreneurs with focus issues including ADHD, anxiety, autism and other neurodivergencies.
Top countries include the USA, Canada, and the UK.

My YouTube channel has over 27 000 subscribers, my IG is smaller, but engaged.

Here are some extrapolations from data about how a cluttered environment has been shown to affect focus, creativity and productivity.

-Everyone, but particularly those with ADHD and other neurodivergencies, is affected by clutter.
-Visually distracting environments can also affect cognitive function.
-Many people with ADHD can manage well in a "messy" environment and if they are happy and they may find they do not have a problem at all, but their family might, and how can they manage this transition.

My personal philosophy is that most people will benefit from removing excess commitments, people, things, apps, etc. This clutter is not only distracting, but decreases happiness, increases stress and anxiety. When people declutter the excess and create a peaceful environment and life, they can truly relax without feeling the constant pressure of chores and clutter.

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Looking forward to connecting soonRobyn Buchanan