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June 8, 2020

#23: Neurodiversity Career Platform | Guest: Alex Corner

#23: Neurodiversity Career Platform | Guest: Alex Corner
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In this episode I talk to the founder of Alex Corner, Founder of Amforus.com, “The World's First Platform Connecting Talented Candidates with Dyslexia, ADHD, or Autism With Inclusive Companies That Assess Skills, Experience and Not Education, or Interview Techniques.” Alex shares his personal story of his late in life diagnosis of ADHD and saw the opportunity to create a career platform for job seekers who are neurodiverse and match up with the organizations who are ready to work with their unique skill set. some of the points of this conversation: you can have an even more successful career once you really understand your brain wiring better and how to seek out careers that you are best suited for. What organizations need to do in order to tap into the neurodiverse talent pool, taking a truly inclusive approach during the interview process. Take the time to really understand the candidate and their strengths. about Alex Corner: Alex Corner is a financial services and technology sales, business development executive, entrepreneur, and investor. He started his career on Wall Street and was responsible for managing multiple global businesses using his creative innovative idea to launch some of the most successful revenue-producing platforms. After a 20 year Wall Street career across the UK, Hong Kong, and settling in the USA, Alex transitioned from front office trading into technology, selling digital transformation solutions to multi-cloud environments, event-driven, and streaming data. (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS) migrating companies to modern architecture. During the decision for a career change, he was diagnosed with adult dyslexia and ADHD, which had prevented him from completing college, and ruled out specific jobs. Fortunately, he was able to rely on experience and network. Reflecting on the experience, he studied hiring techniques, criteria, and behavioral neurodiverse analysis. Watching his son demonstrate creativity, test results ignored and witnessed people who had tremendous coding skills rejected due to poor interview techniques. This got Alex working on solving a problem, how were people without a track record, or exceptional grades, a global network going to secure a job they love without the grades or degree companies required, although they had tremendous talent. – This is why Amforus.com was created.


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