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Dec. 29, 2020

#50: ADHD - Mastering focus in SoloPreneurship

#50: ADHD - Mastering focus in SoloPreneurship
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My transition from corporate life to becoming a solopreneur has been one of the most interesting, fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding thing I have taken on.⁠

In this episode, ⁠I share the difference between a mindset of a scattered solopreneur v.s. Focused solopreneur,  with you.  By no means, am I perfect in the way I run my business but over the years, one thing that I made sure of is to walk the talk and also to share with you what I am learning along the way.
So if you are a business owner, take the time and reflect on your vision, your skills, mindset, make sure you have the right support system in place to launch your business to the next level. ⁠

You started this because you are passionate about a cause, don't let your brain limit you, grow your mindset. You are more than capable! ⁠


ADHD - scattered vs. Focused solopreneur

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